NYC Marathon Training - Fartlek Drill

After giggling to myself at the name of my prescribed workout this morning, I realized I needed to do some research. Fartlek (Swedish for speedplay) is all about mixing up your speeds throughout the run. There are several ways you can structure (or not) these drills. 

Given my type-A, I went with the most structured Fartlek I could find. 7 minute progression ladder decreasing time by a minute and increasing speed. Resting for half the time of each effort segment. (7 mins of work = 3.5 mins of recovery).

I felt really strong the whole way. I don’t play around with varying my speed that much and I found it tricky to stay at the prescribed pace. I probably could have started slightly faster to push the limit a bit. Next time.

Do you work Fartleks into your training program? How do you execute them?

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    Such a great workout. One of my favorites,3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1All on half-time rest. 3 minutes are around 5k race...
  2. ralado1998 said: Hey, Fartlek is all about having fun! No structured training at all! Usually I go really fast on flats and downhills and keep a steady pace on uphills! Or even better: when I fell good, I speed up till I get tired and slow down to rest!
  3. megorun said: When I Fartlek I try not to structure it. I just mess around with the speed play. I basically create it on the go. Find spots to gun it with short rests in between. Fartlek day is fun day
  4. fatman2fitman answered: I’ve never seen such a structured fartlek before. I don’t do them but I’ve always thought of them as an intuitive exercise.
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