New shoes for marathon training: Mizuno Wave Rider 16

I’ve traveled nearly 400 miles in my Nike Frees. Being that this is my first week of marathon training, I thought it would be the perfect time to try out a new pair of sneakers. 

I decided to go with the Mizuno Wave Rider 16 because I wanted some support but I didn’t want to use them to compensation for bad running form and technique. 
I ran in these guys this morning and so far, so good. 
Does anyone run in Mizunos? What is your go-to sneaker? Does it changed depending on distance?
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  1. johnnarock said: Currently in wave inspires and not in love, but a solid shoe!
  2. johnnarock answered: Currently in wave inspires and not in love, but a solid shoe!
  3. capecodrunner answered: I just bought these this morning! I’ve been mixing between old Asics & new Nike Frees the last month, but exciiiited for Mizunos this wknd!
  4. foamrolling said: I still haven’t put on my new shoes. Still in the box. Can get last year’s model online for $40 less and can’t bring myself to run in the new ones. You’re inspiring me to pick on or the other and get off my butt!
  5. kat-rd2be said: My last pair of shoes were mizunos and I loved them!!!
  6. healthymarc said: I have the Wave Nirvana, they were a good support shoe when I was heavier. 300 miles later they’re retired. Running happy in Brooks Ravenna 4’s & New Balance 890’s
  7. xzombienursex answered: Yes! Mizunos are my brand right now. My feet inwardly pronate so I use the wave inspire for both running and my work as a nurse
  8. isensearunner answered: I love my Mizuno wave ekiden!!! I use them for my km repeats workouts
  9. sarahrunsfromzombies answered: Love Mizuno! I used to wear Wave Riders pre-kids (pregnancy made my arches fall) but now I wear the Wave Inspire. :)
  10. amberunner answered: Love Mizuno! I have different shoes for different distances/ terrain.
  11. normalgirlruns answered: I’m a Mizuno die-hard - Enigmas (training) and Wave Riders (racing). They will wear out a little faster than the Nikes - rotate 2 pairs!
  12. challengesandchanges answered: started with frees bc I love how light they are -but eventually gave me shin splits. Jack Rabbit fitted me w/Asics GEL-Excel 33. Love em!
  13. run-bassel answered: I LOVED MY WAVE RIDER 16! They lasted me almost 800miles it was such a sad moment when I had to give them up :c
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