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YES! I love this so much.

This weekend our friends Andrew and Kate invited us up to Greenport, New York. This is a beautiful beach town on the North Fork, not to be confused by Greenpoint, the neighborhood next to Williamsburg. 

The weekend consisted of seafood, farm fresh produce and rose. Any weekend where those three things are front and center is a successful one in my book. 

tomato and fresh mozzarella

Tomato and fresh mozzarella topped with garlic scape pesto. Note to self: must try and make this pesto.

grilled oysters

Shucking grilled oysters is harder than it looks!

grape tomatoes

I mean, come on. How can you not eat the entire pint of tomatoes?

beach yoga

Quick yoga sesh with Clara on the beach. Those clouds can’t hold us back! 

tomato mozzarella slaw

More food. More food!

running dog

One little jog with Lemon before opening another bottle of rose… 

Kontokosta Winery

Quick pitstop at the Kontokosta Winery. It’s this beautiful? 

Kontokosta Winery View

The views weren’t too bad either :)

steamed mussels

More food, more laughs.

beach view

Until next time!

What’s your favorite summer spot?

Beach Yoga

Morning! First yoga sequence without following a video or teacher. I just went with it and think I did alright!

Literally the cutest tomato I have ever seen #northfork (at Greenport, New York)

Friends, pasta and sand. #heaven regram from @clarapersis (at Greenport, New York)

Hello, Greenport. (at Greenport Harbor)

First harvest of the season 💙💙💙 @amircohen83 promptly ate them all.

Take the risk. Fly too close to the sun. #whatliftsyou (at CHINATOWN Canal St. @ Mulberry St. New York, N.Y.)

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Please do! I’ll follow you right back. Always love fellow runners <3



Running in NYC

I ran the loop in #prospectpark for the first time in a long time. It was hard. It was sweaty. But I loved it. Your body will withstand just about anything you throw at it. Good or bad. It is a machine. Be good to your body and it will be good to you right back. (at Prospect Park)