Homemade Tomato Juice Smoothie

The closer and closer it gets to happy hour, the closer and closer I get to adding a shot of vodka to this smoothie ;)

It was definitely a change of pace given the savory factor, but with the added cayenne, it was awesome! 

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Cinnamon in everything! Testing out a new smoothie: cinnamon swirl smoothie. Banana, tahini, gluten free oats, cinnamon and spinach. 👍👍

It’s really starting to feel like fall out there. Monday morning run in my new @reebok #zquick sneakers. It’s been a good shoe week for me! 👟👟

Coffee me ☕️ (at Dino)

I heart acai. Thanks @breakfastcriminals and @sweetgreen for the killer class! #breakfastcrininals #sgpassport (at Sweetgreen)

Every girl deserves a new pair of shoes… Especially during fashion week. 7 sunny and rainy miles for #run10feed10 in my brand new @saucony fastwitch 6 sneaks ☀️☔️🌈 (at Prospect Park)

Today’s tomato haul.

Chia Seed Pudding

Already completely obsessed with the Choosing Raw cookbook. I made chia pudding and sweetened it with fresh cherries, goji berries and a bit if the shiro plum jam.

Chia Pudding:

Add 6 tablespoons of chia seeds to 2 cups of nut milk of choice. (I used hemp milk). I then sweetened it with a little jam and put it in the fridge overnight. Instead of jam, you can use maple syrup or agave. 

In the morning, I scooped out some of the pudding and topped with fresh fruit.


I’m straight jammin’. I just whipped up my first batch of shiro plum and goji berry jam. I’m trying not to eat it directly from the jar…

The Brooklyn Hipster Triathlon 2014

This post is a little late, and if you follow me on Instagram, you already know everything. But I guess it’s never too late for a race recap. 

Last Saturday I participated in a “hipster triathlon”. What’s a hipster triathlon you ask? Well, there are some clear differences than your standard tri. 

1. Start time - No 7AM start here. This triathlon started at 11. I’m not much of a morning person, so I really appreciated it.

2. Public amenities: This was an unofficial race, so the course used the Red Hook Public Pool, Brooklyn roads and a public track. Here’s the course.

3. Ironic tattoos, beer and pizza. 

Here’s the recap in pictures:

red hook public pool hispter triathlon

Our fearless leaders (and organizers) giving us the pre-race low-down.

hipster triathlon swim bike run pizza

Of course there was swag! I love these sweat bands. Swim, bike run, pizza #2014minitri

brooklyn biking hipster triathlon

We weren’t allowed to bring anything in the pool so no pictures :( Right after the swim. I’m embarrassed to say that I hadn’t swam swam since the half ironman. My tris were killing me after the 8 minutes in the pool. I remember when I could go 45 mins, easy.

hipster tattoo

Is it wrong if I’m kind of digging this fake tattoo?


We biked 5 miles from the pool to the tack. Not a bad ride.

running track hispter tri

Running 3 miles around a track at 1PM is no fun. But we did it!

shot gun beer

One quick shot gun, then we were back on the bike for our final 5 miles to get to the pizza leg of the race at L&B Spumoni Gardens.

l b spumoni gardens pizza

We kind of got lost, but well worth it for this view!

verrazano bridge

And this one!

verrazano bridge

Final destination: Pizza.

After an entire day of swimming, biking and running, we realized that we were a good 10 miles away from our homes. So while we were near Coney Island, we might as well head to the beach!

coney island beach

It was such a fun day! I’m already looking forward to the Hipster Tri 2.0 next year.

What was the strangest race you have ever done?