Reebok True Studio Slipper Review

As you guys know, I’ve been testing the new True Studio Slipper by Reebok.

I’ve used the slipper for about two months and I have to say, I think I’m in love. They are perfect for the warmer summer months and they come in some cute colors. I took them to barre, yoga and Pilates and they have held up great.

What I loved:

They are really portable: They are light and flexible; I can keep them in my gym bag and hardly notice they are there. I always have them for a last minute class.

They don’t slip: They give me just enough resistance to hold my feet in place on either carpet or a mat, but allow me to move freely if I need to make adjustments. They do slip a little on hardwood floors (FYI)

They stand out: You can’t believe how many people have come up to me after class and asked me about these shoes. They make a statement!

Things to consider:

These run slightly small. I usually wear an 8. These are an 8.5 and fit well. Depending on how snug a fit you like, I would suggest going up a half size.

The lighter colors can get a bit dirty. I guess that goes without saying. They are washable (although I haven’t gotten around to washing them yet)

Final Thoughts:

I really like them. I don’t think I would have bought them on my own (I’m a minimalist kind of girl) but I do find myself wearing them a lot. This would make a great gift, since it’s unique, different and useful (hello, Mother’s Day!) 

Listen to Your Coach

We’re now only a few weeks away from the Brooklyn Half Marathon. It’s crunch time. Today my coach assigned me a progressive long run. These runs start out as an long slow distance (LSD) run and then speed up to become slightly uncomfortable.  

On the docket today:

Miles 1-6 hit 8:25-8:40 pace then, 6-8 hit 7:50-8:05 pace (I had a hard time keeping a consistent pace, not sure if that was me or my over sensitive Garmin)

The thing I love most about having a run coach is that I don’t have to think about what I’m going to do. The run is determined for me, each workout has its purpose. I don’t have to think about it during my run, leaving me space to focus on form and how I’m feeling.

The more I learn about running, the more I’ve come to realize that it’s not about going all out, all the time. Beth is constantly talking about how the majority of your runs (70%) should be at a conversational pace. It’s easy to feel like you’re not working hard enough, but you are!

Have you ever used a run coach? What was your experience?

This is what living on the edge looks like. #noregrets

Mint Honeydew Kombucha Smoothie 

Full day already and it’s not even 9am. Made this #smoothie from kombucha, avocado, honeydew, kale, and mint. It tastes like summer in a cup.

The Reebok Spartan Race at Citifield Recap

If you guys follow my Instagram, you probably already know I somehow convinced my sister to do the Reebok Spartan Race with me this past weekend.


I’d never done any kind of obstacle course race so I was pretty excited to give it a shot. Well, I’m hooked! It was challenging and fun. You could make it a team thing, or go off by yourself. The energy that day was incredible. Everyone was excited to be there!

For those of you who don’t know, the Spartan Races are split into 3 distances: The Spartan Sprint (about a 3 miles), Olympic Super Spartan (about 8 miles) and the Ultra Spartan Beast (10-12 miles). If you complete all 3 distances in one calendar year you gain “Spartan Trifecta” status. 

The race we did at Citi Field was the Spartan Sprint. They call it the gateway drug of Spartan Races. I can see that.


The course took you all over Citi Field. I think we went up and down the stairs about 20 times! There were around 12 obstacles to get though (spear throws and all—Abbe was so good at that one!).

This past year, I’ve been so focused on endurance that I forgot how much fun these types of events could be. You feel so strong and powerful. The body is an amazing thing. Makes me want to get back into CrossFit…


I loved those shorts! Get them in a size down, they run big!

I felt like there were burpess at every turn. If you couldn’t complete an obstacle, 30 burpees. If you didn’t complete the obstacle correctly, 30 burpess. Sometimes the burpees were just apart of the obstacle itself. There was no getting around them.


Nothing like a little teamwork to really solidify that sister bond!

Since we were racing on the Reebok team, they outfitted us with the brand new All Terrain Series sneakers. These shoes are bad ass. They’re comfortable (wore them for the first time day of the race and felt like they were broken in shoes) and they have rubber cleat-like bottoms that really will grip anything.   


I was literally thinking how awesome these shoes were while I was climbing the rope.

While there was no mud at our race, the shoes also have drainage on the sides so you wouldn’t squish around. I was little bummed I couldn’t put that feature to the test! Next time… 

Chris and Heidi Powell from Extreme Weight Loss were at the race! They are so cute and have such an amazing story. They really preach to their clients that it’s not about dropping the weight; it’s about working on the issues and habits that creating the weight gain in the first place. Anyone can drop any amount of weight given a controlled environment, but if you truly want to lose weight and keep it off (even after the cameras stop rolling or the wedding day comes and goes), you have to make a lifestyle, habit, and mental change.


All in all it was a great day. We both surviving and realized that we are, yet again, stronger than we think we are. AROO! 

  1. Camera: SONY NEX-5N
  2. Aperture: f/5.6
  3. Exposure: 1/125th
  4. Focal Length: 18mm

Pictures if the @spartanrace came back (thanks @manmeetworld)! I’m still shocked I convinced @dearabbeee to do this with me.

I can’t believe I’m already at the half way point in my training. Time seriously flies. This was the first week I started training with Jess. So far, so good!

Monday: Yogi Toning at Bellavita This was a fun twist on your typical yoga class. The instructor also incorporated some light weights and strength exercises. Some of those moves were tough.

yoga bellavita jenna tanenbaum


Tuesday: Speed Work in Central Park It was great to run with a group. 4x800 meters with a mile warm up and cool down. I felt a little sluggish, but I’m just getting back in the saddle.

Wednesday: Fitness Night Out with Throwback Fitness. Those guys are great! Partner workout and capture the flag. It’s so fun you forget you’re working out.

classpass team

The ClassPass team. They’re the best!

Thursday: Tempo run. This was not very comfortable. But I stuck with it and finished strong. 3.3 miles with a mile warm up and cool down

Friday: Rest day!

Saturday: Spartan Race I had too much fun. I somehow convinced my awesome sister to come with me and we did the 3 mile course together (along with Chris and Heidi Powell!). More on that later, still waiting on a few pictures ;) Afterward, I did a long slow 6 mile run. My legs were a bit tired so instead of shooting for 8:40 pace, I eased up to a 9 min/mile.

spartan race sisters

Sunday: I tried out a really cool new app called Lift (still in beta). It allows trainers and fitness enthusiasts to hold one-on-one training session from anywhere. I ‘met up’ with Kado Simmons who took me through some restorative moves. The technology is great. But more on that later.

lift session screen shot

It was quit the busy week! Here’s to making this coming week even better than the last!

Nothing like a little sister bonding at the @spartanrace (at Citi Field)

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHi there - I've noticed you've taken yoga classes at Strala and I've been wanting to check that place out. I find the classes to be a little too early or a little too late for my work schedule. The only class I could reliably take is "relax" and not "strong." I wonder which one you've taken and if you have an opinion. Is "relax" still a good workout? Thanks, Danielle Answer

Hey Danielle! To tell you the truth, I’ve only gone to the strong classes (I typically only go to the 8AM class)

My guess is that it is a bit more relaxed but still a great workout. Their whole philosophy is to move with ease. Do what your body is telling you to do. If your body is telling you to do more challenging moves, do it! Def check it out and let me know how it is. I would love to try a relax class.

Happy Friday :)

The Spartan Race - Citi Field NYC

Sometimes you just have to say YOLO and do the @reebok @spartanrace. See you tomorrow! #AllTerrainSeries #livewithfire

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